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Go Beyond Mobile Forms

Paper forms and spreadsheets can waste a lot of time, but so can the wrong mobile solution. Go beyond simple data capture with Flowfinity mobile apps.

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unlimited apps

Unlimited Apps

Create as many apps and forms as you need for data collection, dispatch, surveys, workflows and more.

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No Coding

Stay agile. Our web-based app editor lets you create and update your own apps without any programming.

cross-platform enterprise apps

Choose Your Device

Build once, deploy anywhere. Flowfinity supports cross-platform use on popular smartphones and tablets.

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Works Offline

No network? No problem. Flowfinity apps help you stay productive no matter where you are.

transactional enterprise apps

Two-Way Transactions

For real business processes, you need more than just data collection. We support two-way information access.

enterprise app integration

Flexible Integration

Flowfinity is database-driven, so you can integrate your mobile solution with other back-end systems.

Why Choose Flowfinity?

Trusted by Top Global Brands

  • "Now, I get an accurate picture of exactly how our products are presented to customers so we can do a trend analysis over time...That means we can influence consumers in a much deeper and richer way."

    Director of Retail Operations / H.J. Heinz
  • "Flowfinity was able to meet the stringent security requirements set out by our IT group. We rolled out our first applications for production use literally within weeks. I really think it's a brilliant product."

    Superintendent / City of Cincinnati
  • "The ease of use really shows how Flowfinity designed the software with the end user in mind. With a solid communication process after audits are performed, it allows us to close the loop on current issues, store by store."

    Director of Sales / McCormick & Co.
  • "It is very much a real-time system. From the client's point of view, we are much more pre-emptive. If anything comes up we can call the customer first instead of them having to call us."

    Senior Software Analyst / Advance Security
  • "Our revenues are up 25%, profits are up, and we're doing more activity and closing more calls now. Overall Flowfinity has been a perfect fit for us."

    Operations Manager / Hank's Plumbing

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